10018 105 ST Edmonton AB

10018 105 ST Edmonton AB

10018 105 ST SW

Property ID: 10325, Commercial.


Shala yoga is situated on 105th Street, in the heart of Downtown Edmonton located on Treaty 6 Territory. They are dedicated to the tradition and evolution of Ashtanga Yoga as it moves into a new era. It is important for us to not perpetuate the guru pop culture but instead to be true to the lineage and empower all our students and offer them a space that they can truly call home. They aim to help you make this practice a part of your life.


City Kids Daycare is a team of skilled and seasoned childcare professionals, dedicated to the development of young minds and bodies. Located in the Edmonton Downtown area, we offer parents superior, holistic childcare services in a convenient location. They aim to provide a warm, welcoming, and enriching environment for all children who attend our daycare. It is our mission to ensure that all children in our care feel loved, safe, and confident in their own identity.


Even as GTFO toddlers, we were utterly passionate about GAMES. We would spend our days exploring the outdoors, getting our knees scraped, splashing in mud puddles, scavenger hunting, playing all sorts of tag, warding off cooties, and many other nonsensical sorts of shenanigans (and the scars to prove it, too) Gaming Transcends From the Ordinary.


The Voice is a high-quality private karaoke bar where you can sing and drink from 6:30pm (3pm on Friday and Saturday) to 3am.